PORTFOLIO : > MAP (Mobile Arts Platform)

The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) is comprised of two large-scale, interactive sculptures that are “activated” by a mobile exhibitions program. MAP brings together Peter Foucault’s Fal-Core Van and Chris Treggiari’s Mobile Store and will appear in locations throughout the Bay Area. MAP will create an autonomous exhibition space, an artistic research lab where a cross pollination of mediums and genres can occur, be accessible to the public and create strong bonds with the communities we work with. MAP events will include film screenings, visual art, performance art, live music, culinary art, and will feature local talent. In essence, we will build a temporary, creative microcosm where community and creativity can intersect and flourish. In a world where we are becoming more insular with advanced technologies, our events hope to bring residents together having positive interactions with neighbors, and their neighborhood.

Photography by Jessica Watson.