The Artist of Now
Mimicking a peacock flaring its plume for female attention, I created a billboard attempting to attract an art audience’s attention. Through the use of bright and bold colors and “endorsements” from Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh (two highly recognizable artists in popular culture), I make my case that I am the Artist of Now.

The performance started in front of SF MOMA on the opening Saturday of “The Art of Participation” show, an exhibition that examined how artists have engaged members of the public as essential collaborators in the art-making process over the past sixty years. I stood in front of MOMA with the sign and handed out fliers to people entering MOMA as well as passersby. The fliers further promoted me as an emerging artist and also included a coupon for the viewer thus imitating the companies that send employees out into the streets in costume to give away coupons for their goods.