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Mobile Stages | San Francisco Community Corner Store & San Francisco Sacntuary Resourse Center

The internet has provided the us with amazing global connectivity. Someone in San Francisco can connect with someone in Japan in a matter of seconds. Still, one can argue that our obsession with that instant connection has removed some of our sense of local community. Through my mobile stages, I aim to connect people, resources and organizations in a more traditional, yet visually interesting way.

The mobile stage does not discriminate against one’s computer access or download speed. Its main purpose is to bring knowledge, entertainment
and a positive message to the general public. I focus my energy on working with organizations concerned with social issues, such as social and community well being, that may not yet have a large voice in the community.

The stages currently take on two familiar forms that immediately conjure up ideas of social engagement, community and creativity: a community store and a mobile resource center shaped like a theater stage. Designed to draw people in and encourage interaction, these mobile stages are an interesting visual presence that brings information at no cost to different neighborhoods in an easily digestible way.