Greetings from the Front Line
As part of the “Living with War” show at 111 Minna, I created a diorama styled set filled with pop culture and idealized imagery of war, from GI Joe to toy army men to video game guns. Participants were invited into the set to have their picture taken and then received a postcard titled “Greetings from the Front Line” that had their image in it. Over 60 people interacted with the piece and brought life to it since each person had a different facial reaction or different body movements, from piece signs to flipping the bird.

The actual piece is a mobile set that a viewer enters from the back and then puts their head and hands inside to interact with the scene in the set. The sets are removable and can be changed wherever it goes to adapt to the context or setting. The viewer enters the piece and a photograph of the person is taken. From there I take the photo and print it onto a postcard for the viewer to take and do what he or she wants with it.

July 2008, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco CA.